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To A Garden With Jude Law And Kimberly Stewart

by | 21st, May 2008

jude-law-kimberly.jpgHAVING kissed in an Essex nightclub, Jude Law and Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly retired to a stranger’s front garden.

The Sun says a clubber spotted them rolling around on the lawn snogging like “loved-up teenagers”.

The address of their rendezvous is nor provided, neither is word from a behind-the-nets resident.

All readers who want to be like Jude and Kimberly get is a picture of detached house and the caption: “Hardcore lawn … pair were spotted in garden like this.”

Those Sun readers living in high rise flats keen to give added realism to this tableau, and best recapture the moment, are advised to obtain a pot of cress, a picture of Phil Collins in the Sussudio years and two matchsticks… 

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