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Carla Bruni Is Politic’s Amy Winehouse

by | 21st, May 2008

carla-bruni-winehouse.bmpTHE MIRROR reports that French First Lady Carla Bruni has insisted a song about drugs called My Junk will stay on her new album.

Mirror readers weened on celebrity cocaine learn that Junk is slang for heroin.

“My guy, I roll him up and smoke him,” she sings. The Elysée Palce is reportedly uncomfortable with the line, it being a perceived slight on Sarkozy’s lack of size, his being no bigger than a herbal cigarette.

Elsewhere on the album, Bruni gives full throat to a tale about her love affair with French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Her version Bob Dylan’s You Belong To Me includes the line: “See the pyramids along the Nile… Just remember darling, all the while, you belong to me.”

While and Nile is decent rhyme. And there is hope that if Mrs Sarkozy continues in such a vein she could do for pop music what Amy Winehouse has done for politics.

“See the market place in old Algiers… Just remember till your dream appears, You belong to me,” the Dylan lyrics go on.

The final line includes the words, “Fly the ocean in a silver plane… Just remember till you’re home again… You belong to me.”

The suspicion is that the lines refer to the President’s trips. The Nile is in Egypt, where Sarkozy courted Bruni. He went to Algeria, when he left his fiancee alone back in Paris amid controversy over their public displays of affection, notes the Telegraph.

But what of their other memorable trip, notably to London and a meeting with the Royal Family?

Met Prince Philip, Windsor head honcho
Like his car, you’re my Numero Uno


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