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Jordan To Compete In 2012 Olympics

by | 22nd, May 2008

jordan-olympics.jpgIT’S the 2012 Olympic Games and the rider enters the arena. No more than 23 seconds later the horse she is sat upon emerges.

“Katie Andre-Price-Jordan-Rooney-Windsor riding Dana,” comes the announcer’s brogue.

Dana is dressed for the occasion in a pink cowboy hat, Swarovski-encrusted bikini and white leather boots.

News in the Sun is that pop acorn Peter Andre has bought Kaite a horse, and that she plans to ride it in the Olympic dressage.

Says a pal: “Katie loves training and riding her horses but wants to take it a step further. It’s her dream to compete in a dressage competition at the Olympics.”

Adds another source: “Dana shows a lot of promise. This horse could take Jordan all the way.”

And we wonder if this is more of a three-day event than a dressage?

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