Anorak News | Paul Gascoigne’s £10,000 French Stick

Paul Gascoigne’s £10,000 French Stick

by | 23rd, May 2008

gascoigne.jpgRISING commodity prices and now the news that Paul Gascoigne has bought a loaf of bread for £10,000.

Gascoigne is said to be “starving”. He is also said to be “tragic”, “bleary-eyed”, “tortured”, “gaunt” and “stumbling”.

But above all else he is hungry (surely “a genius” – Ed). As the Star says: “The football legend tried to cash a cheque for £10,000 to buy food at an all-night shop.”

Geordies already working out the number of kebabs and polystyrene pots of curry sauce ten grand can get you by the Bigg Market should know that their sacred son was in the West End of London.

Says the Star: “Confused Gazza, who made the cheque out to himself, claimed his cash card had been stolen. The shopkeeper took pity on the ex-England ace and gave him a French bread stick.”

Though some may see this as an improvement on Gascoigne’s old habit of refuelling with Mars Bar and booze, others will see it as a sorry state of affairs, a damning incitement of English food and a sign of how the recession is beginning to bite…

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