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Kathy Hilton Walks in Paris’s Shoes

by | 23rd, May 2008

paris-hilton-shoes-book.pngKATHY Hilton, mother to straight-to-tissues internet film star Paris Hilton is in conversation with the Mail.

“People say: ‘Oh she’s spoilt, she’s this, she’s that.’ But, until you’ve walked in someone’s shoes for many miles, don’t make a judgment call.”

Happily Paris Hilton has a range of shoes on the market, and we who have walked in them found the pink stilettos to be almost impossible to do anything in other than wince and wave, and gave up on the leopard print heels after just a few yards.

Next year, Old Mr Anorak plans to run the London Marathon is Paris’s silver open-toe mules and for added empathy wear a prison-issue pair of grey knickers and bra.

Kathy looks up. “And Paris’s jail suit”, says she, now “close to tears, “I found it when she was released. When I felt how rough it was – that thing was like sandpaper – I threw it away.”

Old Mr Anorak has tears in his eyes. And we advise him to take advantage of Kathy Hilton’s new range of waterproof beauty products and sports gels…

Picture: Mandela & 14

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