Anorak News | Colombian Vice President Says Amy Winehouse Is Killing The Planet And Us

Colombian Vice President Says Amy Winehouse Is Killing The Planet And Us

by | 23rd, May 2008

HAVING failed in its attempt to have Amy Winehouse jailed, the Sun is going about the world armed with a petition that demands the singer is locked up.

drugs-colombia.jpgToday Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos says Winehouse should be “sent to rehab”.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or)

Santos is something of an expert on UK celebrities having opined of Kate Moss: “To me, it’s baffling that someone who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better then ever.”

Adding: “I never once heard her says ‘I’m sorry’, when in Colombia people die every day because of cocaine consumption – that hurts.”

Now Santos is talking of Winehouse. “I know about her, she’s a mess. I don’t think she understands the harm cocaine does to my country… Not only does it kill, displace and mutilate people in Colombia, it destroys our wonderful forests. The environmental damage is catastrophic.”

Senor Santos makes a powerful argument. Winehouse is an accessory to murder, a mutilator and above all else a planet hater driving her 4×4 back and forth over Mother Nature’s throat.

Says Santos: “A lot of casual users in Britain drive hybrid cars, recycle, take the tube, buy organic and then they go and snort a line of cocaine.”

Winehouse doesn’t operate a hybrid car but the Sun is convinced she has taken the tube, notably up her nose…

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