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The Sun Human Mole Con

by | 25th, May 2008

human-mole.jpgRAYMOND Shepherd is the Sun’s “human mole”.

No, not that kind of mole – Mr Shepherd has not been grafted onto a piece of skin, a mouse’s ear or busty Dannniii’s breast; and he’s never been a member of the security services.

Mr Shepherd “can’t stop digging holes in his garden”.

The Sun says the pensioner was hit by a court order forcing him to stop burrowing. His digging has warned him a 90-day prison sentence, suspended until 2017.

The Sun says the “saga” began in 1988 when Shepherd got permission for his kitchen changes. In 2002, it was discovered that his initial digging broke planning rules.

He was fined £3,000 for failing to restore the garden and spent 28 days in jail in 2004 for the same offence. He then dug another hole at his bungalow in Oxenholme, Cumbria.

It turns out that Mr Shepherd is about as much like a mole as her is a horse, bat or bluebottle. Readers expecting tabloid shockers have every reason to feel cheated.

Unless, of course, moles are moving above ground and working as builders and kitchen fitters. In which case, we apologise…

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