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Making A Monkey From A Hypodermic Needle Tree

by | 25th, May 2008

syrigne-tree.jpgSAYS the Mail: “150-year-old monkey puzzle tree facing chop because council says its needles are ‘like syringes’”.

A close look at tree reveals a line of pasty-faced monkey enthusiasts forming an orderly cue by the third branch to the rear. One has scaled the tree and unfurled a banner on which alikeness of Peter Doherty has been painted in Marmite.

Not for nothing does the Mail say that the monkey puzzle tree at West Cross, near Swansea, became a “much-loved local landmark”.

But it’s encouraging the wrong crowd and has to go. Says a council spokesman:

“Safety experts have said the tree is too much of a risk to children for it to remain. One expert likened the tree foliage to discarded syringe needles and warns they pose a probable risk of serious injury to children. The authority could find itself defending any litigation, should this arise.”

But Mike and Carol Crafer are leading aco0nter protest. “It’s another case of health and safety gone mad,” says Mrs Crafer, a 49-yearold mother of two. ‘The tree’s needles are not that dangerous – comparing them to syringes is ridiculous.”

Mike, a 57-year-old sustainability manager, ads: ‘This is a crazy decision to cut the tree down. We have put this to the test by trying to prick ourselves with the needles, but have not been able to – that’s how dangerous they are.”

Anorak called the Needle Exchange Hotline (sister service to the (Pine) Cones Hotline) and was told that the Crafers are free to exchange their needles for hypodermic syringes whenever they choose to. They can then prick themselves with all the mad gusto of a speeding acupuncturist…

Pete Doherty was not available for comment…

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