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Rachel Ray’s Suicide Dinners: Cooking The War On Terror

by | 25th, May 2008

rachel-ray-donuts.jpgRACHEL Ray is a TV cook in the US.

She’s also the hips and gunt of Dunkin’ Donuts, the revolting lumps of fat Americans eat while watching Rachel tell them about moulding fat into three-course meals.

Rachel comes up with abbreviations like EVOO (short for extra virgin olive oil), so that fat Americans don’t have to waste too much breathe between mouthfuls of syrup.

Now Rachel has courted what passes for controversy by appearing in a Dunkin’ Donuts adverts wearing what Michelle Malkin, an uptight American blogger, calls a “jihadi chic keffiyeh”.

Asks Malkin: “Is Ray’s blunder worth boycotting DD over?”

It’s a puzzler, and one Charles Johnson, another prominent US blogger, considers in “Mainstreaming Terrorism to Sell Donuts.”

Rachel Ray’s Last Suppers 

It’s hard not be outraged and appalled. Ray should be shot or else have the scarf burnt off, preferably while she is still wearing it. Doesn’t Ray know the War On Terror (WOT) is raging and she needs to act accordingly?

Jamie Oliver (who is often seen wearing a burka and wiry beard) would have worked out that Ray should be campaigning for better food for terrorists.

In Al-A-Carte, Rachel will tour the world’s trouble spots trying to buy junk food while inviting various despots and terror leaders to cook their favourite last meals against the clock.

The dishes will then be served up to suicide bombers on their way to a date with the virgins.

Anorak suggests Ray goes with something with not too much garlic and lots of carbs…


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