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Daily Kos: Vote Obama Or Enlist For War

by | 25th, May 2008

OVER on the Daily Kos the  woolly thinking ai that a no vote for Obama is a vote for war. You may recall Tony Blair’s ethical foreign policy and his subsequent wars

If you’re going to help McCain get elected, you need to take responsibility for your actions. This election is bigger than you. It’s bigger than Barack Obama. It’s bigger than Hillary Clinton. Lives will be saved or lost depending on who is elected in November, and if you’re going to willfully help prolong the war, it’s time to do the honorable thing and enlist.

Click here to locate a U.S. Army recruiter in your area.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get election results from Baghdad, and you’ll still be able to “sit this one out” under the comfort of a mortar attack. And yes, I’m sure hearing about an Obama defeat will seem all the more sweet when you’re laying in the choking aftermath of an IED explosion with a piece of half-melted plastic burning a hole into your intestines. I’m sure you’ll be comforted by the knowledge that history had no place for President Obama when you’re staring at the empty space where your leg used to be. And certainly, I’m sure the crippling terror of post-traumatic stress disorder will be nowhere as severe as the disingenuous “concern” you’ll suffer over debunked Rezko conspiracy theories and the excited ramblings of a liberation theologian.

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