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Moral Missionaries: Sarah Ferguson, Jamie Oliver And Richard & Judy’s Life On Earth

by | 25th, May 2008

richard-madeley.jpgSARAH Ferguson is living with people in Hull on the telly. She even managed to find a family of copper tops to make her paper more at home, but it just ends up looking like a patronising version of the Prince and the Pauper.

Every morning Sarah says she wakes up feeling fat, ugly and disgusting, as opposed to disgusting, fat and ugly, like those lucky sods in Hull who are too ignorant to notice let alone mind.

But Sarah will show them how repugnant they truly are. She’s the missionary teaching the godless to feel shame for their bad eating habits and for looking bad naked.

Now Jamie Oliver tells one and all: “I am now living lives with people in Rotherham who don’t have cooking in their lives. I want them to fall in love with cooking.”

Oliver wants the sad and stupid to see how wrong they are, to feel shame and experience the sweet sting of epiphany over some sun dried polenta stir fry.

And then there’s Richard and Judy contemplating a week-long visit to Dewsbury Moor.

The Sun says Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan are reportedly planning to swap their London home for a spell on the Moorside Estate, where nine-year-old Shannon Matthews used to live.

Richard and Judy would interview residents and highlight the awfulness of poverty.

The poor are now the unpaid extras, the terrace football fans adding spice to the big match, the insects and primates for these MFI David Attenborough’s to shine an arc light on.

And the reward these heathen get for having their stupidity paraded and poked by the moral missionaries is an appearance on the telly, which, incidentally adds 10lbs to your frame an makes your jaw look slack and your cheap carpets like the shopping precinct at vomiting-up time……

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