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Daily Express Immigration Fuel Protest

by | 26th, May 2008

burning-daily-express.jpg“GREAT PETROL REVOLT BEGINS,” says the Express on its front page.

“WIN A CAMPER VAN + 4 BIKES,” trills the paper’s other front-page teaser.

Can these two headlines be related?

And what then of the paper’s other notice, that it costs 40p, which is still 10p cheaper then the Daily Mail?

Anorak has set fire to copy of each newspaper and can say that while the Express burns for longer it does so with a deep yellow flame with barely enough potency to toast an immigrant’s innersoles.

We even stuffed a few pages (the TV guide) into the petrol tank of an immigrants’ car and sped off on our bicycles, so combining the Express’ three stories into one call to action.

Imagine our surprise and dismay when the police arrived, not on bikes but in gas-guzzling cars.

That it should come to this…

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