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The Gordon Brown Nail Biter

by | 27th, May 2008

AGW writes in the forums:

The USA prison population, that is guards and prisoners, have a neat expression for convicted murderers…Dead Man Walking.

It is one of the rare and beautifully-coined phrases which sometimes grace the English language, and I use that term in the broadest sense in the USA’s case. It sums up the dreadfully short prognosis and inexorableness of a system which IS going to carry out another killing…this time judicial murder… to punish the guilty and salve (allegedly) the anguish and pain of the victim’s bereaved friends and family.

It must be like that at number 10 Downing Street this morning. There sits the UK Prime Minister brooding as his health and mental vitality is drained away. The once coy cameramen are showing the strain Gordon Brown is feeling by openly photographing and subtlety screening the Premier’s finger nails cut and bitten to the quick. I am not decrying the nail chewing habit but it is a highly visible indicator of stress.


Premier Gordon Brown’s fingernails as seen by The Telegraph six months ago…they are much worse now

The disastrous showing for his Labour Party in the English and Welsh local council elections and then the Crewe and Nantwich by-election fiasco where a massive rout in a once cast-iron Labour stronghold showed just how far the Labour star has sunk in the heavenly plane.

The UK Premier looks to be a man in severe health decline; the job has aged and depleted the man’s undoubtedly huge mental and physical reserves and the wolves in his own pack are turning on him. Already the denials of plots to oust him are starting. Even worse there is a “We’re backing Gordon” campaign under way. A sure sign the end draws nigh.

Anorak warned over and over again that Brown’s continued backing of lieutenants such as the Scotland Labour disaster, wide mouthed frog, Wendy Alexander, Peter Hain, Harriet Harman and others were not good ideas. Brown seems have adopted the Alexander techniques of saying:”It wasnae me. It were a big girl wi’ pigtails who ran away”. It may work for the good-looking ones. The fragrant few…the Tony Blair’s of the world but the ploy is not holding up for the Scottish Manse-raised and, fatally for him, dour humourless Scot Gordon Brown.

If you read any of the heavies today you will see the rallying cries, the “We’re Gordon’s buddies” drivel.
Were I in Gordon’s black polished shoes I’d be extremely worried by that and my finger-nails would be bitten back to beyond the quick and somewhere around the elbows.

Gordon needs a charm offensive which, regrettably, most would find offensive. He needs to produce a rabbit out of his dark top hat the size of Bob Hoskin’s mate Roger in the 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

Ask yourself this first series of questions: Who framed the dark-man from the North? Is there a rabbit in anyone’s hat anywhere? Every oil-price hike means greater and greater pressure on an over-stretched British tolerance and we are all aware every oil increases brings in another tranche of massive taxation for the UK Government which appears to be too thick to realise the game is up and the great unwashed has seen what it is about.
My in-box is filled with messages from “sensible” people asking me to boycott this or that petrol outlet because of higher than acceptable prices. Why can’t I just boycott politicians? All politicians.

The answer to Gordon’s mental anguish is not too hard to find but before you start feeling warm gushes of sympathy it may be as well to understand this Dead Man Walking is as guilty as everyone else who sat in that disgraced and shameful Westminster place and voted for a war (in my and your name). A war based on lies and tenuous transatlantic friendships.

The second question has to be:
Is the finger-nail biting due to pressure or guilt? I hope it not a combination of both because unless Gordon Brown can practise what we all have to do sometimes, that is, ignore the danger and press for the winning line, then the execution shed does await. At least in Gordio’s case it is likely to be a metaphorical rather than a Saddam Hussein literal political drop.

The Herald’s page one lead today is worth a read as is The Independent’s: Ministers Deny Plot

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