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Shooting Gallery: Winning Real Guns At The Fairground

by | 27th, May 2008

guns-fairground.jpg“HARZARD,” declares the Mirror, which has done away with old-style headlines in favour of message board speak.

The headlines should read “Hazards”, because we can’t work out if the hazard is the children wielding the pistols that can fire call bearings up to 60 metres, the pistols themselves or the fairground traders in Market Weighton, East Yorks, giving the guns out as prizes.

Says David Rose, whose eight-year-old son William won a gun for putting a wooden noose about a duck: “I couldn’t believe it. I immediately confiscated it.”

No small shock to discover that anyone wins a prize at a fairground, let alone a half-decent one like a working gun.

But Mr Rose should rest easy in the knowledge that so long as his boy is a decent shot he stands no chance in hell of hitting his desired target with the fairground device.

Parents should be thankful their children did not win the bedroom-sized teddy with the lice and asbestos fur…

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