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Big Brother: Elstree And Bust

by | 27th, May 2008

chimney-breast.jpgBIG Brother is nearly upon us and the star herald the TV happening with the “sexiest ever house!”

Some disappointment for Star readers to find that the house is not fashioned into the shape of a pair of open legs with a chimney shaped like a gigantic penis, or the extension moulded to resemble Danielle Lloyd, the Big Brother bully who poses topless “for the first time”.

Inside the paper, there’s Danielle cradling her latest bust lest it work itself loose, and saying how her own flat has recently featured in the TV show MTV Cribs. Viewers will find her bedroom, shaped like a footballer’s jockstrap, unforgettable.

Back to the BB house, and even an ardent Star reader may conclude that a front door between two open thighs would be less sexy that saucy and not quite right for a family newspaper, let alone a house in Elstree…

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