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Madeleine McCann: No Portugal Return, Maddy TV And Paris Hilton

by | 28th, May 2008

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No front–page coverage of Madeleine McCann today, folks. But she remains a regular feature of the UK press, like horoscopes, the TV guide or Victoria Beckham’s skin.DAILY MIRROR: “Tapas 7: We won’t go back”

It’s the Mirror’s “MADELEINE EXCLUSIVE”. The news is – as Anorak reported last night – that the Tapas Seven (surely the Sangria 7? –Ed) will not be returning to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of the night Madeleine went missing.

A source says: “They were asked informally to return, then asked again in an official letter last week. After some consideration they decided not to go back. They were concerned it would not be televised, and were bemused as to why it was happening so long after Madeleine disappeared.”

And who would play Madeleine? Her? Her? What about “Look Into My Eyes”, a TV talent show search for a Madeleine fronted by Trevor McDonald and GMTV?

Remember Kelsey: “Mummy, I could play Madeleine. I look just like her’”?

THE SUN: “No re-run for Maddie cops”

What does Lorraine Kelly think? It was she who said:

How could someone put their infant child forward as a Madeleine lookalike with the idea of making money? The child obviously has to be around the same age as Madeleine.

Is a Madeleine needed? After all, she is missing…

Unless it was to specifically aid the campaign, how could they all live with themselves for making money out of the tragic disappearance of a little girl?

It makes you recoil to think a lookalike agency would have a Madeleine on their books alongside someone who looks like Jack Nicholson or Paris Hilton.

Disgusting! To think that Maddy should be with the likes of Jack the lads or Hilton makes our flesh turn cold. It’s nothing less than sick.

DAILY MAIL: “Madeleine reconstruction scrapped after ‘suspicious’ McCanns refuse to return to Portugal to take part”

The Mail has the details: The McCanns are “both doctors.”

Says a Source: “They also question why it was not to be televised and why police just want the nine and not other holidaymakers and staff to take part.”

GLASGOW DAILY RECORD: Says Clarence Mitchell:

“The friends had a number of serious questions about the value of the reconstruction and what it would do to help find Madeleine. After some discussion, they have informed the Portuguese authorities they do not intend to go back.

“Gerry and Kate have not refused to go back. They were aware of their friends’ view and they are now not needed for the reconstruction. There were a number of serious questions. For instance, why did they want to hold a reconstruction more than a year after the event?

“Why was the reconstruction not to be televised? That would have generated new leads and information but if it is not televised, how on earth is that going to help find Madeleine? Why did they only want the nine people back? Why didn’t they ask all the other holidaymakers back?

“Frankly, the police and the authorities in Portugal did not answer the simple question: what will this do to help find Madeleine?”

Do the police have to televise their police work to make it valid?

Madeleine McCann TV: are you sitting comfortably? 

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