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Fabio Capello Speaks English

by | 28th, May 2008

capello1.jpgFAB Crapello, sorry, Fabio Capello (pardona nortra Eyyetalliano)) is speaking English in public for the first time, says the Express.

Capello is at Arsenal’s training ground, where he is taking his “oral exams”. Tonight Crapello’s Inglanda are taking on the might of the deliciosa-icy-creama USA.

The thought of watching the effete and palsied England take on a team for whom football is what you play when you’re too short for basketball, too slim for baseball and too scared for ice hockey pales in comparison to hearing Capello spika da Inglish.

Says he: “Sure, they won’t be fresh like the USA players, but we need to play with intensity and it’s possible to do that for one hour or 70 minutes.”

There is a chance that Capello has learned that sentence off by heart and in his mind might be ordering a drink at the local rubba-dubba or telling a taxi cabba to take him to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

But even if he leaves it there, there is no small reason to believe that given their primitive command of English, Capello’s team will just nod, smile and respond with their own supply of stock phrases:

* This is it
* We need to show just how good we are
* F*** off!
* Look at my wad
* You Italian ****

Game on!

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