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WSOP Players Turn To Testosterone

by | 28th, May 2008

THE Poker Anorak has long bemoaned women only poker tournaments as being divisive and insulting to women and men.

It’s not tennis, US politics or snooker; it’s poker.

At their worst, women’s only tourneys are like watching Loose Women, the shoot-me-now daytime telly show in which journalists, the institutionalised and heavily medicated watch a panel of Z-list celebrity women talks about incontinence, bosoms and useless men.

OK, it’s all bad. At their best, women only tournaments allow the fairer sex to escape the macho poker players using the game as an extension for their trousers.

But over the newswires, we learn of a painless way of achieving sexual equality over the baize.

A New York company says Testosterone is what competitive poker players need at the card table.

Casino giant Harrah’s Entertainment has signed an agreement with West Babylon’s Gamma Labs, maker of a testosterone pill, to participate as a 2008 World Series of Poker sponsor in Las Vegas.

Pop a Gamma-O Plus Pomegranate (GOPP) and you cannot lose, maybe! Gamma-Oryzanol (Gamma-O) “increases mental acuity, focus, and balance – precisely the skills that are needed to excel at the challenging game of poker”, it says here.

“This is truly an exciting opportunity,” says Clifford T. Morgan,
Chief Executive Officer of Gamma Labs. ,man with luxuriant beard, deep baritone voice and less of an Adam’s apple than an Adam’s Melon.

“Unlike some testosterone boosters, Gamma-O does more than develop muscles and increase strength. This unique product also improves focus and concentration, making it a natural tie-in
for an event like the World Series of Poker.”

Gamma-O will not make you more attractive to women, make women grow beards and develop embarrassing itches, and the need to scratch them.

Gamma-O will not get you better cards, avoid bad beats or win every game of poker you play.

Gamma-O will do exactly what it says on the press release.

Gamma-O is not coffee…

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