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American Idol: On The Casting Couch With Jason Castro

by | 29th, May 2008

jason-castro.jpgAMERICAN Idol, American TV’s search for a Gareth Gates, has a new winner.

As the National Enquirer reports, his name is David Cook. He’s about as memorable as that last breath you took. And it would seem that America has its man.

While Simon Cowell hooks up Gates and Cook into a the ultimate reality show double act, the Enquirer’s Mike Walker watches the losers trundle into post-performance therapy.

After each contestant is rejected, they are whisked backstage for a debriefing and brain realignment. Performances on local news stations and in mom’s lounge aside, they may never sing professionally again.

One reject, a certain Brooke White, is said to have taken 90 minutes to be talked down. But reject Jason Castro, reportedly, managed to convince the shrink of his sanity in under ten minutes.

Says a source: “Incredibly, he was so chill that when the psychologist asked him into the office, Jason politely tried to blow him off.”

With that kind of antic, we imagine Castro may well find his fame enduring. He could even go all the way – if the part demands it…

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