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Big Brother 9: That Anorak Audition

by | 29th, May 2008

HI Big Brother, it’s me Old Mr Anorak.

I’m wild and f*cking mad me. I’m really touchy and mental and once had an argument with a fridge freezer…in Asda!…in Cardiff!!

big-brother-9.jpgPicture: Beau Bo D’Or Website 

I’m mental.

I like laughing. I’m into all the latest sh*t and some sh*t so latest it’s posi-fu*ka-tively Medieval, muvverf*cker.

I’ll have sex with just about anyone, gay, straight, straight-to-gay, gay-to–straight, the new rubberised sofa and light fittings, Davina, Davina’s microphone, Davina’s microphone lead…

I’m not looking for a career in the media, although I do have skin like Judith Chalmers and can paint a bedroom in under three days!!

For those hacks not off to Faliraki to spot drunk Britons having sex and getting knifed in the kebab shop, there’s Big Brother on the telly.

“BIG BRO SECRETS LAID BARE… says the Star’s front page – as it will for the next three months…

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