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US Casinos To Spy On Punters

by | 29th, May 2008

WHAT is it about gamblers that people who don’t gamble are so suspicious of?

Over the newswires, the Poker Anorak gets this message: “Deadbeat parents, listen up: Win big at the casino tables in West Virginia or Colorado, and your kids might win, too.”

Why should deadbeat mums and dads be at the casino, rather than, say, at the off license, supermarket or circling life’s plughole while sat on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle?

The states plan to “garnish” the winnings of casino gamblers who owe child support. (Did they say “garnish?)

“We impose the same burden on banks; they must search their records. We do the same thing with brokerage houses and other businesses. Welcome to the club,” says state Rep. Joel Judd, a Denver Democrat.

“I’m not aware of anyplace else in society where we have large cash transactions like we do at the casinos,” he goes on. “It just seemed to me that if a guy owes back child support and wins big, the kids ought to get the money.”

This throws up all kinds of data protection issues and turns a place of recreation into venue where The Man can get you. The States’ casino operators say it is difficult to track table winnings.

Could it happen? And could it happen over here?

And why is it that punters are demonised –unless they win big at the Lotto and become the heroes of the tabloid reading masses to envy..?

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