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An Interview With Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

by | 29th, May 2008

jacqui-smith.jpg“THESE are terrifying times to be a parent,” says Julie McCaffrey, the Mirror’s woman with her ear pressed to the street and pulling a knife from a stabbed kebab.

“There are worries about whether your child is binge-drinking or having under-age sex – and then there is even greater fear that they might end op the innocent victim of a violent knife crime.”

Given the choices on offer, most parents would opt for A) binge drinking over B) under-age sex over C) being stabbed, although if their children were the stabber rather then the stabee, the list may be C, A, B.

And C might not be around for long because stay-at-home Jacqui Smith is making it her “personal mission” to put an end to knife crime. Jacqui Smith is the new-Labour rag-and-bone man walking the streets asking parents to bring out their knives for blunting.

Before that Jacqui will get tough on knifers by unveiling a £1million advertising campaign to tell knifers that it is wrong and remind knifees that it bloody well hurts.

“The day I’m not moved by any young person – or any person – being killed is probably the day when I’m not qualified to do the job any more,” says Jacqui.

Some would say she’s not qualified to do the job of upholding the law in the first place, on account of her dope-smoking past; and smoking cannabis is something Jacqui thinks is very illegal and worthy of incarceration.

“We have to be careful not to fall into a trap of thinking all young kids are bad,” says Jacqui, and that’s bad, as in evil, and not baaad as in Michael Jackson bad, which might on further scrutiny be worse then being stabbed in the throat…

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