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Londoners Forget 700 Items On Tube Every Day

by | 29th, May 2008

lost-on-tube.jpgSAYS Julie Haley, manager of the London Undergound’s lost property office, Baker Street, to the Telegraph:

“The amount handed in is increasing year on year but the fact that we get around 700 items handed in every day is a real testament to the honesty of Londoners on the whole.”

No figures for how item are not handed in, or how many of the items are stolen and then when used – wallets cleaned out; Tube passes ripped from covers; umbrellas left after a gentle frotting – but it surely is testament to Londoner’s honesty, and the impact of alcopops and skunk on the short-term memory of Londoners who can’t remember what they had in their shaking hands when they got on the train…

Update: One item found was a single breast implant.

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