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Murderabilia For Sale: Murder Art

by | 30th, May 2008

muderabilia.jpg“THAT’S kind of disturbing actually,” says Florida resident John Burgin looking over the collection of murderabilia for sale on an on-line auction.

It’s a collection of pictures of artwork and letters created at the hands of four members of the Lords of Chaos, convicted in the murder of a Riverdale High School band director more than ten years ago.

CBS reports on how one of its reporters detailed to the web-surfing beat found a card sketched by Kevin Foster, the Lords of Chaos leader now spending quality time on Florida’s death row. “Chit chat” is retailing at $12.99.

No image of the art is given and Anroak “Murderabilia” is outlawed in Texas and California, but not Florida.

But no matter what you might think of it, CBS has John Burgin to tell us: ‘I wouldn’t take it if someone gave it to me, it’s quite disturbing to put it mildly.” And alter: “”It’s kind of scary,”

We are given no idea who John Burgin is, only that he very possibly exists. He might even be related to the writer.

A quick trawl of the web tosses up the images that so offend Mr Burgin, including:

what we have is a real nice Drawing by chris Black this is on 9 1/2 x 13 inch white paper This is a awsome Drawing detail from hell Ready for a frame..This also comes with a Large Prison sent envelope All names have been Lightly scribbled over…This is super nice for $ 24.99 Free shipping!

A free envelope. You’d be mad not to buy it…

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