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Lip Service: Gordon Brown Calls Voters

by | 30th, May 2008

gordon-brown-phone-call.jpgIT’S lonely at the top. Gordon Brown is lonely. That’s him on the phone.

The Anorak has learnt that Brown routinely telephones voters at home to talk about Labour policy.

The prime minister whiles away the moments between presenting gold hearts and plutonium combat medals at tabloid award dos, and episodes of Taggart, to dial down to the No 10 switchboard and asked to put through to people who had written or e-mailed with concerns.

PR Week says it is part of a new campaign to generate positive “word of mouth” about no-spin Mr Brown.

Says a Downing Street official: “The PM takes a great interest in correspondence that comes in. He likes to keep in touch with voters who take the trouble to contact him.”

We look at the phone. It’s not ringing. Gordon has our number, it’s embossed on our letter about how we are worried that Mars bars are shrinking, Britain’s Got Talent will be won by an untalented minor in a display of mawkish public sentimentality, and Madeleine McCann. All are matters close to the PM’s heart.

Note: A new poll suggests Labour’s popularity with voters is lower than, well, ever.

A YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph puts Labour on 23% – 24 points behind the Conservatives on 47%. The Liberal Democrats are on 18 points.

Gordon Brown is on the phone…

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