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Greenpeace And Fishing With Helicopters

by | 31st, May 2008

arctic_sunrise.jpgOVER in the Mediterranean, and over the newswires, comes news that Turkish tuna fishermen have rammed their boat into a Greenpeace ship and pelted it with lead fishing weights.

The fishing vessel is said to have been one of several that mobbed the Arctic Sunrise, which was carrying activists campaigning against overfishing.

The big Greenpeace sailing boat that runs on puffs of air and a wind-up motor never stood a chance.

And know that: “The barrage of lead weights damaged a helicopter that the activists had used earlier in the day to document the vessels’ activities.”

That’s right, Greenpeace have not only got big boat, but they’ve got an eco-copter made from recycled newspapers and kept aloft by lots of men and women waving their hands in the air really, really fast.

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