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Britain’s Got Sentiment: George Sampson’s Sympathetic Back Story

by | 2nd, June 2008

george-sampson.jpgWHILE Austria looks at the usual suspects, and Europe dances to Russia’s tune, Britain revels in the news that it has George Sampson.

There’s George, 14-year-old winner of Britain’s Got Talent TV show, on the cover of the Mail.

In the Sun, Master Sampson is wrapped in the Union flag, which given his Dancin’ In The Rain routine – and that he was “sobbing his little heart out” (Mail’s Jaci Stephen) – might be Sun “TV Biz” writer Sara Nathan’s beach towel or else a giant Britain’s Got Sentiment Tissue.

George’s Edward Scissor Hands meets Gene Kelly routine enabled him to win £100,000 – which, as is the tabloid way, translates to “could earn £1million within a year, say industry experts (Mirror) – or even more if his talents are showcased globally.”

Surely much depends on George’s background story. Talented George can’t sing and record a hit album the word can hear over and over and over again. So his handlers need to create something else portable, either a little nodding George that sits on the dashboard of cars, or a sympathetic backstory we can carry in our hearts.

The Mail has the first go, and says George’s win “is the chance to patch up his relationship with the father he rarely sees”.

Says dad Brian, a window fitter from Warrington: “I’ve even ignored George when I’ve see him breakdancing in the street because I was afraid Lesley might be there and it would cause problems.” Says mum Lesley of Brian: “We’ve not seen him for five years really.”

Feuding parents is always good stuff, but what about a dash of bullying, that mainstay of every budding celebrity’s CV? Were you bullied George? Think hard.

George is said to build up a rapport with Andrew Johnston, this year’s Pie Jesus singer. Says George: “This type of bullying is just pure jealousy. I am not going to move out of Warrington, I still want to be the young lad from Warrington who tried hard.”

Says Simon Cowell: “You are the dancing version of Rocky, young man… I’ll tell you what, it’s a better story than Billy Elliot.”

The Mirror’s Polly Hudson opines: “George Sampson is the most deserved winner of anything ever.” In your face, Edward Timpson, winner of the Crewe and Nantwich by–election, Nelson Mandela, winner of freedom, and England, winner of two world wars and one World Cup.

The Mail’s leader sums it up by telling readers: “His victory is an example to his generation of what can be achieved by determination and sheer effort.”

And talent – let’s not forget talent…

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