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Daily Mail Exposes Drunk Women

by | 2nd, June 2008

drunk1.jpgTHE Daily Mail is appalled and disgusted by Britain’s young women cavorting about the precinct wearing pelmet skirts, getting pissed out their heads on day-glo booze and engaging in revolting acts of bestial depravity in the toilets.

In the paper’s comment (“Posturing won’t end the scourge of drink”), readers learn of a “glaring problem with the Government’s Youth Alcohol Action Plan to combat the scourge of teenage drunkenness: it’s long on posturing but pitifully short on effective action.”

This promiscuity is so utterly wrong and awful that if it continues the Mail will be forced to broadcast more and more shocking pictures of barely dressed women lying on the pavement with their skirts hitched up and bra straps showing until the Government takes more appropriate action.

A straw poll of Mail readers, reveals that 29% of them advocate giving these tarts a spanking,; 19% are looking forward to Wimbledon when young girls will… (OK, enough -Ed)…

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