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Robert Mugabe Meets Agriculture Jihad

by | 3rd, June 2008

mugabe-ahmadinejad.jpg SAYS the Mirror: “Cabinet minister Douglas Alexander will snub Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe at an international summit on food shortages.”

Good of the Mirror to announce this snubbing lest the Zimbabwean despot not realise that it’s happening.

And if that’s not enough to learn him, the Sun says Britain may strip Mugabe of his honorary knighthood. Mugabe is no match for British spite (surely, might?).

Mr. Mugabe is in Rome, at the invitation of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, which is holding a conference to discuss the international food crisis.

Also in town is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who’s taken along the Minister of Agriculture Jihad Mohammad-Reza Eskandari.

That’s Mohammed Reza Exandari, head of the Agriculture Jihad department of the Iranian administration, a group that given its name and the conertations of jihad suggests that no quarter will be given and a row over farm subsidies could be protracted and bloody.

Good then that Mugabe is there, to fight Africa’s corner, literally…

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