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Those Euro 2008 News Updates In Full

by | 3rd, June 2008

euro-2008-george-sampson.pngIT promises to be a footy-tastic summer for Britishers on the sofas and playas as they break off a game against the Waiters XI and cheer on the Germans.

The BBC TV trail for the big summer of football wonders what team you’ll be pumping for. As a guide, the Beeb’s Richard Bacon is gunning for Greece because he likes feta cheese and the Greek’s zero-tolerance policy on drugs.

BBC Five Live voice Shelagh Fogarty opts for Spain because she’s been there and as Sylvia Vrethammar’s No.1 fan knows all the words to Y Viva Espana (“I’d like to shag a matador”) ; and Simon Mayo is rooting and a tootin’ for the Dutch because they are – get this – “very entertaining people”, for whom the  cheap drugs and rented sex are just the warm-up acts.

Over in Germany, no such creativity at play – just football. As the country’s Bild newspaper announces: “We will play football without you this summer.”

For our part, Anorak will be cheering on a female dog handler and an introverted choirboy in an oversized suit, working out if Claire from The Apprentice can form a decent middle-management combo with Frank Lampard, and waiting for soaked-to-the-bone break-dancer George Scissorhands to impress a brolly holding Steve McLaren in an advert for health insurance…

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