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That Britney Spears Sex Tape: The Brum Rushes

by | 4th, June 2008

britney_spears-sex-tape.png“BRITNEY SEX TAPE DEATH THREAT,” screams the Star’s front-page. It’s the headline that’s got the lot: celebrity, sex and suicide.

Inside and “love rat Adnan Ghalib has received death threats after revelations he planned to sell a sex-tape of Britney Spears”.

Britney is not on tabloid suicide watch, not today.

Says Birmingham-born Ghalib: “I have had many calls about it from all over the world. In light of the constant calls about the sex tape and threats, I’m taking a break from the industry and keeping a low profile.”

What better way of keeping a low profile than telling the media about it and making mention of that SEX TAPE? Answers on the side of loudhailer to the usual address.

But before Ghalib can take showbiz industrial action (one out, get them both out), Star readers learn that he has been “stabbed”.

Says he on a webchat, viewed by the Star’s man with a laptop: “I can’t say much about the cowardly attack other than: a) you better come a lot stronger than that if you want to make a point and b) most will be surprised by those behind it.”

Might this be a challenge? And what of that blast on the dog whistle about who might be behind the alleged attack on his arm?

To the trained ear it sounds not unlike a teaser, a trail for the film to come. And better, perhaps, than: Pssst! Wanna see a bloated faded star getting off with a chubby thirtysomething Brummie?

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