Anorak News | Jason Wood Orgams Over John Prescott’s Textualised Book

Jason Wood Orgams Over John Prescott’s Textualised Book

by | 4th, June 2008

john_prescott_memoirs.jpgSIGNS that Australian MP Jason Wood has been reading John Prescott’s works and reviewing his past speeches.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or)

On the matter of genetically modified organisms, Woods offered “genetically modified orgasms”.

I support the member for McMillan’s call for the government to conduct an independent broad-ranging scientific investigation into the genetic modification of food and biotechnology to assess not only the health of the crops and the food, but also the potential for contamination, the commercial implications for Australian primary industry, and the benefits and risks associated with genetically modified orgasms, orgasms.”

A multiple orgasm.

Some way to go to match Prescott’s interfracted ten-year digestivised policy directititive, but it’s a start, and Prescott was talking with his mouth full, feeling sick anmd adesk covered in secretary and biskitty wrappers.

But we note the start of a trend, when political diaries are taken to heart and become text books for how polticos should behave while in orifice…

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