Anorak News | The Plot To Kill Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton (Video)

The Plot To Kill Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton (Video)

by | 4th, June 2008

kill-barack-and-hillary.jpgMORE on the plot to kill Barack Obama, and the now lesser plot to kill Hillary Clinton:

To Manhattan, where artist Yazmany Arboleda is launching his new exhibition: The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama.

Says Mr Arboleda: “It’s art. It’s not supposed to be harmful. It’s about character assassination — about how Obama and Hillary have been portrayed by the media. It’s about the media.”But the spooks are unhappy. Show over. Mr Arboleda explains: “The Secret Service had to do a whole questionnaire with me. It was about an hour of questioning. They asked if I owned guns, if I was a violent person, if I had ever been institutionalized.”

Were the working out if he was capable of offing Obama, or up to the job?

Mr. Arboleda answered no. Nonetheless, he says the Secret Service asked him to take down the exhibition title from the window.

“I’m renting that space; the space was allocated for an exhibition and it’s my right to put those words up,” he says. “They said it could excite someone to do something crazy, like break the window. It’s terrible, because they’re violating my rights. If someone breaks a window, they’re committing a crime.”

Says Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: “He put up signs indicating the assassination of Senator Clinton and Barack Obama. And we notified the Secret Service. This individual is being spoken to. He apparently made statements that had to with their reputation. This is all under investigation.”

Is the artwork dangerous?

Says Mr. Kelly: “Obviously, it sounds totally inappropriate. We need more information as to what the purpose of it was. As I say, apparently he made some statements that he was referring to their reputations … don’t know, we will have to get more information. But he is being questioned now by our detectives and the Secret Service.”

Mr Arboplda was released without charge.

More on the media plot to kill Barack Obama:

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Phut!

Look! Out!


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