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Big Brother 9: Sex Is Blind

by | 5th, June 2008

FOR those of you not rutting under a pier or shagging on the sangria, there’s the Big Brother live sex show.

Turn off that internet feed to a porn shop in Eastern Europe, lower the volume on that CCTV back-of the-bike-sheds-feed, and know that you can watch two wannabes dry humping the sofa on the telly.

Says the Star: “Big Brother is back tonight with a nympho, a pervert, a blind man…” All we need now is a punchline, something smutty, like which came first the pervert, the nympho or the blind man?

And what is a nympho but a more attractive pervert?

Coos the Star: “None of the nookie or nudity will be edited out, making BB9 – which starts tonight – the most X-rated ever…Telly chiefs reckon they have uncovered the randiest bunch of wannabes in the show’s history and plan to show all their X-rated antics.”

This is great news for those of you reviewing tapes of Big Brother housemates past having sex in the pool, the shower, under a table and in the bedroom…

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