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Gazza 2008: Sheryl’s Shoulder, Tough Love, And George Best

by | 5th, June 2008

euro20081.jpgWITH no British teams in Euro 2008, the tabloids’ summer of football focuses on Paul Gascoigne’s troubles.

It’s early days in Gazza 2008, and over in the Sun, Alex Best, ex-wife of resting footballer George Best, is invited to say: “It’s a mirror image of George.” (Best ended his days looking like the mirror image of television’s Grandpa Simpson.)

Ever since George Best died the Sun has been looking for a new famous footballer to pity and plead with not to die lest it have one less thing to write about.

But can Gazza last the summer? The Mirror hopes so and watches “SAVIOUR SHERYL – Gazza ex-wife rushes to help him beat crisis.”

The Mirror journeys to a mental conditioning facility in London, and in a match report notes: “Gazza held Sheryl’s hand, then he gently rested his head on her shoulder.. she’s the one to save him.”

With Sheryl, Gazza can beat it, literally. This is Sheryl who “survived violent marriage” to the man who “regularly attacked” her.

As they “strolled for an hour among the flowers and trees” of The Priory gardens and celebrity village, Shelly may have recalled those heady days.

But in case she’s blanked them out, the Mirror is here to help: “He head butted her in 1996 at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, leaving her bruised and with a damaged hand. She later told how he would launch terrifying attacks over trivial issues.”

This is the Mirror’s tough love.

“In 2005 Gazza insisted: ‘I never wanted to get married. I don’t think I ever loved her.’”

On reading that, how can Sheryl not be at her man’s side? Thanks to the Mirror, she will surely remain with him and nurse him back to health.

Unless, she leaves and poor Gazza suffers anew…

Game on.

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