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Little Wedding Booster: Rolling Stones’ Dwarves Wedding

by | 5th, June 2008

ROLLING Stone father RONNIE WOOD is hiring DWARFS to perform at his ROLLING Stone daughter Leah’s daughter’s wedding.

The Sun reports that Wood wants “five actors dressed as elves to play pranks at the reception”. That the paper chooses to announce this happening in BIG capital letters only adds to the sense of this being a meeting of high and low persons.

Wedding planners are looking for male and female “mischievous, giggling little imps” as short as 4ft. “They will leap out of bushes to surprise guests with stunts such as stealing ladies’ hats.”

A wedding source says: “The idea is to have little people in costume popping up. It’s going to be a fabulous do with no expense spared and the elves will make it even more fun.”

The elves are required to hold a little pen and put their little names to a confidentiality agreement. Although, what with them being little people and so mischievous and untrustworthy, the document may not be worth the paper it’s written.

Wood may require Ant ‘n’ Dec or find it necessary to hire taller actors and for the guest to maintain the theme by wearing stilts…

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