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Those Madeleine McCann Jokes

by | 6th, June 2008

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IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Much has been made of Tommy Tiernan mentioning Madeleine McCann on Friday night.”

Much has been made of it in the Irish Independent, here and here.

Both Sean Hughes [“You’ve got kids? What’d you do, tell them you were off to a tapas bar?”] and Patrick Kielty [“If the McCanns wanted to dispose of the body of their daughter, they should have checked her in as luggage on a Ryanair flight”] have already gone down this road, making the subsequent tabloid frenzy rather ridiculous. Tiernan made no mention of the offensive gag at the show I caught on the Saturday.

Want to know what the joke was? Want to use one to get publicity for your act? The Irish Independent will not dignify it with a mention. But on the paper’s message boards, we learn:

He was talking about his new baby daughter and mentioned that now, when he wants to have séx with his wife, he gives the child a half bottle of Calpol to shut her up – a tip he learned from the McCanns.

DAILY RECORD: “Charity boss facing sack over Madeleine McCann joke”

A CHARITY boss is facing the sack over a sick joke about Madeleine McCann.
Senior manager Lynn McBain has been suspended after referring in a staff newsletter to “McCann oven chips” disappearing from her oven after she left them there for 20 minutes .

More tabloid outrage and jokes – here, here and – the one decent joke – here

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