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Madeleine McCann: Selling Portugal And Imagining Pain

by | 7th, June 2008

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AMANDA PLATELL (Daily Mail): “It’s impossible to imagine the pain of Kate and Gerry McCann planning their first holiday with their three-year-old twins since Madeleine disappeared more than a year ago.”

Impossible? You can try…

Every moment of happiness which the rest of us take for granted – birthdays, holidays, Christmas – must serve only as a painful reminder of their loss.

But I, for one, applaud them for trying to give Sean and Amelie as ordinary a life as possible. The easy thing would be to give in to sorrow. The hardest thing is to go on living and loving for your remaining children.

Or so one would imagine…

TRAVEL VIDEO.TV: “Rejuvenating Portugal’s historic spas”

Very little is often heard in the news about Portuguese tourism. Except for the unfortunate circumstance about the disappearance of toddler Madeleine McCann, there is hardly ever any mention of Portugal in the global tourism arena. This may soon change.

How so?

Armed with a product that is full of promise, Portuguese tourism is now reaching out to the media with one very clear message: Portugal wants spa aficionados to consider Portugal as their next destination. Historic spa resorts across Portugal are being reborn for the modern traveler, the Portuguese National Tourism Office (PNTO) has claimed. As part of this effort, new luxury spas are dotting up across in the country that has always been thought of as “a garden by the sea,” with green inviting landscapes, and in some places the waters are known to be therapeutic.

Let us know when you see mention of Madleine McCann…

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