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Gordon Brown Ignore Daily Express Petrol Crusade

by | 7th, June 2008

daily-express.jpg“BROWN BLOCKS OUR FUEL PETITION,” announces the Express on its front page.

“Gordon Brown yesterday banned our petition – demanding an immediate cut in fuel duty – from the No10 website.”

To the No.10 website and a hunt through rejected petitions for the Express’s cri de couer that so irked Gordon Brown.

Is it this one?

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure that the 2p-a-litre fuel duty rise planned for October 1 is scrapped and that instead fuel duty is substantially cut – Submitted by Geoff Marsh of Daily Express

If so, Anorak notes that it was rejected not because the Express threatens the fabric of the country and makes Brown uneasy, but because: “It was similar to and/or overlaps with an existing petition or petitions.”

Or was it this petition, one rejected because “It contained false or incomplete name or address information:

The Daily Express or self pronounced “Worlds Greatest Newspaper” frequently write rubbish, and goes on about Princess Diana and immigrants in every issue. This newspaper makes absolutely no contribution to Journalism, the country or anything else and even employs Vanessa Feltz.

This next petition was rejected because it “It was outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government.”

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to put an end to the Daily Express constantly and persistently “front paging” Princess Diana.

Says what remains The World’s Greatest Newspaper: “The Prime Minister has clearly been rattled by the pressure exerted by our loyal army of readers, which has seen almost 50,000 of them fill out vouchers calling for the fuel duty to be slashed.”

Sadly, these vouchers are useless. Express readers will not be heard because what they complain of has been deemed to be simply repeating what others have already said.

Whether these others are Daily Mail readers is a moot point, but perhaps one worth investigating…

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