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Barack Obama: Radical Means Racism

by | 7th, June 2008

ANDY Ostroy thinks radical measn racist. If you don’t like Obama are you just a racist?

The Republicans are great at framing issues and labelling candidates. And the new buzzword for Obama is radical. Right-wing radio host Sean Hannity has even re-named his show the “Stop Radical Obama express.” On his program Thursday he literally said “radical” about every fourth word. Radical, radical, radical. Get ready, Democrats. We’re gonna hear that word more in the next five months than we’ve heard in a lifetime.

Listening to Hannity’s program makes you wonder if he and his kool-aid-drunken listeners are not part of some twisted, brainwashed cult. They greet each other with “you’re a great American” and depart with “God bless you.” The level of ignorance that flows freely on this program is astounding. Hannity’s mission is clearly to poison anyone who comes within earshot of him with lies and deception about the Obamas. Here’s a few of his shameless rants from Thursday:

“I am telling you, Barack Obama will move this country in a direction that is so radical that it will shock your senses.”

“He (Obama) has views that would probably shock the average American.”

“He’s a Radical left winger, to the left of George McGovern.”

And on 1960’s terrorist William Ayers, embattled Chicago developer Tony Rezko and the Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger: Obama is “a phony. A friend of all these people, and who will associate with anyone who can help him politically.”

Throughout his program Hannity hammered home the term “radical associations” to describe these controversial relationships. It’s abundantly clear that Hannity’s goal for the next five months is to scare the hell out of his regular audience, and anyone else who might be listening for that matter.

Make no mistake: the constant regurgitation of the word “radical” is meant to conjure up all sorts of fear, anger and racial prejudice. Think “radical Muslim.” Think “angry black man.” Think Willie Horton. This sort of pandering to the racist dumbasses of America is beyond despicable, but it’s what the GOP does best. It’s pure propaganda. And like all good propaganda, if you say it enough it sticks.

That was a radical alternative to a reasoned argument…

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