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Open Carry Guns In The USA

by | 8th, June 2008

IT’S Open Carry, a movement whose aim is to promote carrying gun in public:

The Jensens are part of a fledgling movement to make a firearm as common an accessory as an iPod. Called “open carry” by its supporters, the movement has attracted grandparents, graduate students and lifelong gun enthusiasts like the Jensens.

“What we’re trying to say is, ‘Hey, we’re normal people who carry guns,’ ” said Travis Deveraux, 36, of West Valley, a Salt Lake City suburb. Deveraux works for a credit card company and sometimes walks around town wearing a cowboy hat and packing a pistol in plain sight. “We want the public to understand it’s not just cops who can carry guns.”

Nicholas Riccardi of the Los Angeles Times has more…


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