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The Sun Never Gets Its Celebrity: Mills, Winehouse And Burrell At Large

by | 9th, June 2008

the-sun.jpgTHE SUN never gets its man. It did once get the ARA General Belgrano and 323 lives, and it did “Wot won” an election for Margret Thatcher, but these days the paper misses its target with aplomb.

Take Amy Winehouse, the chanteuse the Sun grassed up to the cops for her apparent talcum powder inhaling. Winehouse remains at liberty, but the Sun says there’s a new video of the singer “taking drugs, having public sex with Blake, 26, and making racist chants”.

But no-one’s listening, not really, and were it not for our Celebrity Police Force’s (CPF) mission to be pictured with our celebs the Sun could be charged with wasting police time.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

And here’s Paul Burrell, another of the Sun’s designated villains. The paper had a video of Burrell “confessing he lied to the [Diana] inquest and wanted him prosecuted for perjury confessing he lied to the inquest.” It showed the tape to the CPF.

But now all it can do is watch “money-grabbing Burrell” sell his range of “regal” and “princess-cut” diamond jewellery to viewers of ShopNBC.

And completing the tabloid triumverate is Heather Mills, the woman the Sun accused of being a “Hooker, Liar, Porn Star, Fantasist, Trouble Maker, Shoplifter.”

Mills also remains uncaged. Moreover, like Winehouse and Burrell, Mills is rich.

Today the Sun says “FURIOUS Heather Mills went berserk at party guests who ignored her when she tried to give a speech, it was claimed yesterday.”

In New York to talk about puppy farms, “Mucca.. is said to have ranted into a microphone: ‘Listen up at the back. I haven’t been up for 24 hours and flew here from London to be ignored.’”

Is that rant? Is that going “beserk”? To the over-sensitive Sun, the paper of (criminal) record it is.

Although to the rest of us it might look like a paper still tying to find mud to chuck in a sandstorm…

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