Anorak News | Stan Romanke’s Alien Exposed: It’s Victoria Beckham At The Window

Stan Romanke’s Alien Exposed: It’s Victoria Beckham At The Window

by | 9th, June 2008

stan-romanek-alien.jpgSTAN Romanek is an American who claims he’s been the target of alien abduction for years.

Anorak’s Ufologist in the US, 14, has studied the image and solved the msytery:


 Last week it was announced that a Denver man had come forward with videotaped evidence proving the existence of extraterrestrial life. The tape shows a large-headed, dark eyed creature peeping through a window. Much debate has erupted over whether the video is authentic or simply CGI trickery.

Being somewhat of a UFO buff myself, I took a still of the film and ran it through several sophisticated photo filters and data imaging programs and am pleased to share the results with my readers. As it turns out, the video is nothing more than a security surveillance tape from a Beverly Hills Hermes store window. The “alien” in question is clearly an image of Victoria Beckham gazing through the window, her eyes filled with hypnotic yearning as she contemplates the next $9,000 purse she’s about to purchase.

Beware the otherworldy figures with oversized heads and little bodies, who survive on the smell of magazine ink, money and air…

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