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The Barack Obama Fist Bump To 24 Hour Rolling News

by | 9th, June 2008

“TELL me about the Barack and Michelle Obama’s fist bump,” commands the blonde with the stuck-in the-craw contraceptive voice. The fist thump. The Fisting.

“What happened to..the hug?” Well, there was that sexual harassment case in Oregon and …

George Bush did a chest bump. “What does that mean?” It means he’s American. Bumping chests is what Americans do in the country’s big two rackets: porn and politics.

“Has our communications style changed as a culture in America – non verbal communication?” – like bombs, rolling your eyes a lot and the finger?

Did Obama flip a finger to Hillary Clinton? Yes, he did. Only, Obama flips the finger with his thumb – he’s all about change – and has been flipping the finger to just about everyone of us for years.

Is 24 Hour rolling news a waste of hot air and life? It all depends on how the question is phrased and if the stress is put in the first syllable of rolling and “waste” alludes to a coded terrorist plot…

Repeat for ever…

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