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Watching Lily Allen And Pink

by | 10th, June 2008

lily-allen-pink.jpgNEWS in the Mirror is that rent-a-gob Lily Allen has been “under constant surveillance” by American spooks.

The Mirror does not specify which branch of the “Yanks” security services have been observing Allen, and it might be all of them. Although given their massed ranks and the viewing figures for Allen’s BBC3 TV show this is unlikely.

Says a source: “Lily felt like Big Brother was constantly watching her – it was freaky.”

A source claims Allen was being watched for signs of drugs abuse. America wanted to be certain Allen was not on drugs before awarding her a working Visa.

Writes Lily on her blog, the source of the Mirror’s 3am Girls’ copy: “I didn’t think that the businessmen liked us every much, some pinked haired weirdo.. ha ha.”

A burly singer with pink hair, like the American signer Pink. America can’t wait…

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