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Drop The Dead Dolphins

by | 11th, June 2008

dolphins.jpgNO little disappointment in the new Government league table that puts British dolphin schools rock bottom of the EU zone.

Proof of our dolphins’ lack of intelligence comes on the Sun’s front page where we learn of “Dolphingate” and are asked: “WAS IT THE NAVY OR KILLER WHALES?”

The Sun says “marine experts” believe the 26 dolphins stranded on the Percuil River near Falmouth, Cornwall, may have been driven to their fate by a killer whale.

If it was murder then good and right of the Sun to cover the best part of a page with a mugshot of a killer whale. If you see this whale, do not approach it but tell the police.

While killer whales get a bad press, and the Sun finds someone to say “Hanging’s too good for ‘em”, the Mail asks on its front page: “So what really did drive the dolphins to their death?”

“Were dolphins killed by the Navy?” Are killer whales now working for GCHQ? MI6? ORCA (Organisation for Revenge Crime And Arson)?

The Mail creates a “FACTFILE” and looks at five “possible causes of the dolphin tragedy”, none of which turn out to be fact, more possibilities.

The list includes: Sonar equipment scrambling their brains, an explosion, a killer whale, an injury to the group and chasing fish.

Of course, it may be that the dolphins, these British dolphins are just not all that bright, or giulty of a cry for help that went too far..?

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