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Amy Winehouse In White House Plot

by | 11th, June 2008

amy-winehouse-chip.jpgTHE full shocker goes: “Amy Winehouse’s jealous husband offered a hardmarn £20,000 to have Pete Doherty ‘smashed to pieces’.”

Getting smashed is what Doherty does best, it being the root of his tabloid fame. Chances are he would have extended a veiny limb and accepted Blake Fielder Civil’s offer with relish.

But the Sun says this smashing was to occur not with pipe and syringe, rather by way of fist and claw.

Richard Lyttle, an ex-bouncer (do you ever really leave the job?) tells one and all: “We were sitting in my cell and he said: ‘If you get Doherty for me I’ll give you £20,000.’ He kept saying ‘Can you arrange it?’ and telling me to get some guys to his house.”

No other word nor proof is offered, and whether Doherty is smashed or not, we leave for you to work out.

But back to the £20,000? If it’s the going rate for smashing someone’s face in, it might also be the rate for perverting the course of justice.

In “AMY USED MONEY TO BANKROLL PLOT”, the Mirror hears that Anthony Kelly and James Kennedy expected £20,000 each for helping Blake pervert the course of justice. Did Amy Winehouse know of this plot? Said Kelly, allegedly: “Who do you think is paying for it? Of course she knows.”

Mr Winehouse has admitted assaulting a pub worker then offering him money to keep quiet. He awaits sentencing. Winehouse has not been arrested and is innocent of any involvement.

But what of this £20,000? Anorak has investigated what else £20,000 can get you:

  • A signed picture of Jeffery Archer
  • A Fern Britton official gastric band
  • A prisoner to say just about anything about Amy Winehouse, including how she plotted to blow up the White House, eat Anthea Turner raw and headbutt Knut the polar bear.

More Winehouse exclusives to follow…

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