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Kevin Maguire And UK Politics Fear Of A Black Man

by | 11th, June 2008

mirror-race.jpg“WE’RE still a long way from a British Obama?” says the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Gordon Brown’s media vessel.

That must be disappointing news for Lord Levy, the former Labour fundraiser, who in reply to the question “Who would you like to see as the next Labour leader?” offers “Barack Obama”.

Says Maguire: “The Democratic US Presidential hopeful [Surely Democrat Party hopeful?] has bypassed rich vested interests by mobilising people, filling his war chest with thousands of small donations from ordinary citizens instead of a few megagifts tied to personal strings.”

He’s no Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lent her own campaign $10,000,000.

True enough that many “ordinary people” have backed Obama with small amounts. Obama’s state Senate campaign received $2,000 from companies controlled by Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the “politically influential Chicago businessman indicted last year on state government kickback charges”. As reported, “Rezko’s additional fundraising helped the rookie candidate set up shop.”

But if it’s not the money – it’s the skin colour that intersts Maguire (white). Maguire wonders if Britain will ever have a black leader.

“Yet the big question is whether Britain will follow suit and [should Obama win the presidential election] and vote a visible ethnic minority Briton into number 10.”

You mean an efnic like Michael Howard, the Jew, the son of a Romanian, who led the Conservative Party at the last election, the man the Mirror compared to Dracular and the Labour Party compared to Fagin?

William Rees-Mogg opined:

“But Labour wants to destroy Mr Howard as a political leader by using his Jewishness against him. They know to a hair’s breadth what they are doing.

Of course, any anti-Semitism has been denied; the purpose of the operation is to raise the controversy and then withdraw. But the Fagin image will linger on, and those voters who do not like Jews will have been reminded of their prejudice, by modern advertising techniques and, alas, even by this article. But it is a dirty, dirty, dirty business and it disgraces both the Labour Party and the Prime Minister.”

Or the other The Labour Party depicting Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin – who are both Jewish – as flying pigs.

Maguire says: “I fear we remains some decades away from a black or Asian face in Donning Street.”

Fear is the watchword.

And what of Obama, Maguire’s “black” man? Would that be the same Obama who is of mixed race, the product of a white mother and black father?

We need to know, Kevin…

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