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Lee McQueen Dodges The Apprentice Bullet

by | 12th, June 2008

the-apprentice-lee-mcqueen.jpgLEE McQueen is the winner of this year’s Apprentice challenge. To him the spoils of an office job in Brentwood.

The Scotsman’s front page says the “bookies are not the only ones who made a mistake” and Alan Sugar erred when she passed over “feisty” Claire Young.

Someone should tell the Scotsman’s writers that bookies don’t make mistakes when the favourite loses and that when an outsider wins they make money. They should also tell the Scotsman that no bets were taken on The Apprentice because the show is recorded in advance and therefore open to cheating.

But under pressure, the Scotsman’s trainee hacks begin to gab, saying that “Claire’s vicious boardroom attack on Simon the arrogant bank manager after the photography task may have been unpleasant, but a lot of what she said was right on the money”.

That would be Simon the satellite installation engineer by day and, one assumes, bank manager by night?

And then there’s the whole honesty issue. The fact is that in order to make it on to The Apprentice in the first place, Lee lied about his education on his CV, claiming to have spent two years at Thames Valley University when he in fact dropped out after just a few months…A better man might have laughed and said “yeah, you got me bang to rights there, guv’nor, but I only lied because I want this job so badly,” but Lee compounded his error by making a couple of cringe-worthy attempts to blag his way out of trouble before finally admitting defeat.

But we all make mistakes, and it’s not like he’s trying to be a journalist where getting the facts rights is all important…

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