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Big Brother 9: Alexandra De Gale’s Of The Unexpectable

by | 12th, June 2008

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ALEXANDRA de Gale is this year’s Big Brother Bully elect.

Alex has been handed the Big Brother phrase books and finds it her lot to demand “respect”, have hissy fits at the slightest things and demand that everyone keeps it “real”.

The early series’ promise of sex has been replaced by a lust for the next big row.

After the jump are a collection of Alex’s bon mots to date, as told by the Daily Mirror. The paper has come over all Daily Mail, pursing its lips like a vicar flicking through a pornographic magazine and being too appalled to look away.

Old Mr Anorak is also appalled by the language, and finds this comment of Alex’s worthy of rage, fury and bemusement:

“We’re here. We’re living the dream. The unexpectable is very close.”

Best watch out…

Alex: The guy’s got no respect for himself, therefore I have got no respect.
Michael: I’m not asking for respect.
Alex: I don’t give two s**ts what you’re asking for. I don’t give two s**ts any more. I told you in the bathroom and I’ll tell you again. I don’t give a f**k.
Michael: What’s your name again?
Alex: My name’s Alex. Don’t forget.


Alex (to Stephanie): If you don’t want to be spoken to in that manner don’t open your mouth when I am speaking to somebody to make a valid point. Don’t belittle what I’m saying. If you belittle what I’m saying I’ll belittle you.”
Steph: If you speak to people that way, you will never get anywhere in life.
Alex: You are simple and aren’t aware of how the real world works. You are 19 and you know f**k all. You don’t even know what you said five minutes ago.
Steph: I know what I said.
Alex: This conversation is done, you can’t even handle it.
Steph: The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.
Alex: Course it has. Because you’re simple that’s why.

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